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Kaspersky Internet Security
1 Year Licence — 1 PC
Kaspersky Antivirus Internet Security Software

Kaspersky Internet Security
1 Year Licence — 3 PC
Kaspersky Antivirus Internet Security Software

Antivirus & Internet Security Software

Every day we remove viruses on laptops and computers. Annoying windows popoups, slow computer, no internet, blue screen errors. All these problems come from poor security software or no protection at all.

Security threats are advancing at a rapid pace and becoming more harmful with each passing day. Therefore it is very important to ensure that you have proper protection software that will prevent your Laptop or PC from being slowed down and delivers best online safety whilst protecting your files, music and photos from hackers. Protection can take a number of forms, such as:

  • Keeps your PC running smoothly
  • Cybercriminals won’t hijack your PC
  • Family protection
  • Your files won’t be ruined by hackers
  • Safer WiFi connections
  • Personal firewall
  • Keeps your money and identity safe
  • Protects against bank account fraud
  • Safeguards against online shopping threats

When something is wrong with your computer, it's really slow and strange windows appear on your screen all the time. If your system is behaving unusual, you may already be infected by virus or spyware. We can help in several ways:

  • Virus Scan
  • Virus Removal
  • Bug Removal
  • Stabilizing your system
  • Spyware Checks
  • Free Spyware Removal software
  • Disaster Recovery

We recommend to protect your system as if you take this approach, you’re not only going to save a lot of money, you’re also going to keep your computer from becoming victim to malicious security threats.

If you need help to remove all the infections and get your laptop or computer back to running normal please do not hesitate to contact us.

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